Web development made easy

Developing applications for the web is becoming easier and easier and in the near future I believe developing web applications will be as easy if not easier as it currently is for desktop application development. A lot of the hard work that goes into creating data access, business logic and presentation layers that initially started out with developers having to code 1000s of lines of code by hand is becoming automated allowing developers to focus on more important logic and getting applications completed faster and cheaper.

I've spent a fair bit of time using the Morfik web development platform a rapid application development platform. I must say I have found it to be amazing and the quickest development platform I have used so far. Stay tuned as I will do some more specific posts about my Morfik experience soon.

Even though I think Morfik is great I am still drawn back to my favorite ASP.NET mainly for the reason that I have been using it for around 5 years now and it has without a doubt the biggest developer community. I just stumbled upon a new web service called Iceberg which makes developing web apps in ASP.NET super easy. So easy that anyone can do it, they claim you can build a web app in 5 minutes. From what I have seen Iceberg is similar to Ironspeed and an internal application we have built that helps us build around 60%-70% of the application framework in a few minutes. Then the real work is building in the business logic.

As you would know ASP.NET is our primary development here at kmsystems and we have built over 60 enterprise ASP.NET web applications. My team and I will give Iceberg a run and will let you know how it goes. Heres a quick demo of Iceberg

[viddler id=eb002671&w=437&h=370]